SVGTCCU distributes bursaries to its  members
SIX of seven bursary recipients with CEO of the SVG Teachers’ Co-operative credit Union, Jasmine Huggins Daly (left) and vice president of the Board of Directors, Cecil Charles (right).
October 11, 2019
SVGTCCU distributes bursaries to its members

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Cooperative Credit Union has shown its dedication to its members in the most recent distribution of bursaries.

Seven bursaries were handed over in a short ceremony on Tuesday at the Headquarters.

“That helping attitude continues to remain the bedrock of teachers credit union and today, we continuously say to you that every member has special value and as a result, we can boast of an organisation that has been there for its members from the very inception,” Cecil Charles, vice president on the Board of Directors said.

Charles said that the credit union continues to find ways to provide assistance to members because without members, there is no credit union.

He added that as members develop themselves personally, the institution is also developed, particularly at a time when regulators are seeking people with specific qualifications and skills to head leading bodies within the credit union.

“So we believe that as we reach out to you today to assist you in your studies, that we are building the credit union because we are expecting that when you have completed your course of studies, that you are going to come back to the credit union, to be interested in what is going on and to lend that support in terms of leadership,” he said.

Dixton Findlay, deputy chief education officer was also present at Tuesday’s short ceremony.

He said that education is very important but can also be very expensive. And Findlay said that a bursary, no matter how small, can go a long way in defraying those expenses, particularly for persons with other responsibilities.

“You would have to pay less to the University of the West Indies or whoever but I’m hoping that with less pressure, you would be able to focus more on your studies…we are looking for leaders, not only leaders for the credit union but leaders for St Vincent and the Grenadines,” the deputy chief education officer told bursary recipients.

Rolis Nanton, one of the recipients, thanked the credit union for their contribution to all of the recipients’ education.

She said that cooperatives stand on the principle of giving back to their members as well as their commitment to communication and training those members.

“Here I am standing as a beneficiary of that principle and I say thank you. Our credit union is committed to the development of its members and they also reiterate what Benjamin Franklyn said; ‘an investment in knowledge pays the best interest’,” Nanton said.

And she urged all recipients to continue working hard and to make themselves worthy of the bursaries they received.

The other bursary recipients were Aurie Gordon, Suzette Jackson, Kendra Lynch, Edna Weekes, Sharma Black and Mable Pearlina Child.