CELEBRATIONS for the commemoration of Hugo Chavez’s 65th birthday included a number of cultural performances at the Venezuelan Embassy last Monday.
August 6, 2019
Chavez’s 65th birthday commemorated in SVG

On Monday, July 29, the Venezuelan Diplomatic mission in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines held a heartfelt tribute in commemoration of the anniversary of the 65th birthday of the Eternal Commander of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chávez Frías; with the aim of remembering his commitment to the peoples of the world.

The head of the Venezuelan mission, Francisco Pérez Santana presented the Documentary “Chavez: The Life of the Venezuelan Hugo Chávez”, a documentary based on making Hugo Chavez known as leader and at the same time portraying the human side of a president who broke from the Traditional form of government.

RESISTANCE HEARTBEAT drummers was among the performers at last Monday’s celebration for Hugo Chavez’s 65th birthday

“Chávez was a loyal man, a good friend, a religious man, a teacher, a loving person, a lover of Venezuelan culture, a singer of our music, passionate about baseball, a great communicator which was one of his greatest characteristics, that’s Chavez,” said Pérez Santana.

Minister of Education, Ecclesiastical Affairs and National Reconciliation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, St.Clair Prince was the featured speaker at this activity; he shared his experience when he met Commander Chávez and commented on the importance of Hugo Chavez’s legacy in Latin America and the Caribbean, with integration projects such as the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America.

“I had the opportunity to meet with President Chávez on many occasions; and every time I saw this man we could tell how he cared for people…”

Signs of affection of Vincentian children were exhibited at the Venezuelan Embassy in SVG as a tribute to the Commander and leader of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The Vincentian Dance Company “La Gracia” directed by Maxine Browne, did a colorful presentation to the rhythm of drums.

In addition, a group of students of the Music Workshop of the Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation performed the song “Linda Barinas” as a symbol of the musical expression of the city of Barinas, the Venezuelan state where Commander Chávez was born, which was one of the preferred songs of the Commander which he performed several times.

Professor Andreína Bermúdez, coordinator of the IVCC, said “Chavez marked the history of Venezuela by his love for the people, his political and social vision, opening the way for the transformation of the country by tracing the Bolivarian socialist route.”

As part of the cultural gala in commemoration of the birth of Commander Chávez, Cuban musician Zahily Laidlow, who worked on the socio-cultural project “El Callejón de la Ceiba”, bringing music to the communities as she considers that art “is essential for development of our peoples ” performed a Venezuelan potpourri that included the songs:” Venezuela “,” Caballo Viejo “,” Alma Llanera “. In turn, Cuban singer Arianna Tylor sang “El Necio” by Silvio Rodríguez, as a tribute to those who dedicated their lives to work for the people.

The culture of the Vincentian people was also present in this tribute with the musical presentation of the cultural group “Resistance Heartbeat Drummers”. In addition, those present tasted Venezuelan cuisine which included arepas, tequeños, chismosa and quesillo.