Peace Corps Volunteer Alexa Cline with some of her students
July 26, 2019
Experiencing a new and beautiful culture, people

A group of Peace Corps Volunteers have completed their one to two year service with Peace Corps here in St Vincent and the Grenadines and will be heading back to the United States soon. 

Alexa Cline, a Florida native, worked at Stubbs Government School from 2017-2019. Before coming here, she expected that being a teacher would be easy, but soon learned how vital the profession is. 

“The classroom isn’t only a place for kids to learn and discover their passions. It’s a place where creativity and individuality is encouraged, an environment that fosters friendships and collaboration. It’s where kids begin to form and grow into the adults they will become. This is a heavy burden to carry for teachers, knowing you are laying the platform for students’ future successes, but each and every smile, each small victory, growth and/or improvement you see in the children, is worth more than anything in the world. Shout out to all the teachers and educators all around the globe!”

The idea of being away from home for two years in another country made Alexa nervous at first, but the power of friendship showed her that anything can be done with a good support system. 

“From my time working here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, something I learned is that nothing is more important than friendship. Vincentians around the island and in the community in which I worked and resided, Stubbs, were not only friendly, but welcoming and loving. I quickly found people that became friends and friends that became family to me. Without the support from those around me, I would not have thrived here as I have the last two years.”

Something that Alexa is taking away from this experience is doing things that make her uncomfortable. She used to be shy and meeting new people stressed her out. By pushing herself, she was able to experience a new and beautiful culture and people, work alongside wonderful colleagues and make life-long friendships. She encourages others to push through their own barriers as well.