Philson King
July 23, 2019
Spear gun victim taken off life support

Thirty-five-year old Philson King passed away last Friday after being taken off of life support, which was the only thing keeping him alive after he was shot in the head by a spear gun.

It has been confirmed by a source close to the investigations, that King, a Murray’s Village resident, was taken off of life support on July 19, and died close to noon.

His death was also confirmed at the Serious Offences Court yesterday when the alleged spear gun wielder, 31-year-old fisherman Romando Bruce, made his second court appearance.

Bruce, represented by attorney Grant Connell, will return to the Serious Offences Court today, where he is likely to receive an upgraded charge of murder. This is following the completion of a post mortem which was supposed to be carried out yesterday.

Bruce is currently charged for the attempted murder of King, which is said to have occurred on July 13, in Campden Park.

Last Wednesday when Bruce was taken before the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, prosecutor John Ballah announced that the family intended to move their relative off of life support. This decision was made after they spoke to the doctor, who told them that there was nothing more that the hospital could do for Philson.

Therefore, Bruce is not on bail, and has been denied it twice, based on the circumstances.