Gianna Miller-Alexander
June 14, 2019
Non-profit group hosts outreach activity at Mental Health Centre

On, June 7 2019, the Dream Universal Foundation held an outreach activity at the Mental Health and Rehabilitation Centre in Villa dubbed “Workout Burnout”.

Dream Universal Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Gianna Miller-Alexander, and is co-managed by Charelle Wilson.

This activity came into being after Miller-Alexander, a BSc Social Work student at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus completed her practicum hours at the institution last year.

During her practicum experience, Miller-Alexander observed that there was not much activity for patients to participate in, due to their medical conditions.

Miller-Alexander sought to build on her voluntary contributions with the UWI Open Campus St Vincent Guild Chapter and consulted with Wilson, who holds a Bachelors in Fine Arts and is the Creative Director in the organization, to find out different ways in which they can give back to the community; “Workout Burnout” was born.

“Workout Burnout,” is a physical activity session that patients at the Mental Health Centre participated in. The event was sponsored by GECCU and KOSCAB SVG.

Lindon James of Be Fit Movement conducted the session. The event will take place on a bimonthly basis to create a change of environment for the patients as well as contribute positively towards their mental stability.