Pallavi Browne, winner of Miss Windward 2019 crown
June 14, 2019
Miss Windward has her eyes set on Miss SVG

Now 20 years old, Pallavi Browne is hoping to have a go at the Miss St Vincent and the Grenadines crown after she graduates with a degree in International Relations from the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus in 2021.

Representing the town of Georgetown, Browne copped the Miss Windward 2019 crown at the Chili Playing Field last Friday.

“I am so excited,” Browne told SEARCHLIGHT after emerging top among the six-member bevy of beauties.

“I am just really grateful for the opportunity and the experience and I wasn’t really looking forward … [to] the win and I am so excited to be honest,” she further commented while recognizing her mother Clayforna Browne for helping her.

Browne’s win in the swimwear and evening gown category propelled her to the top spot. Her swimwear was made by Pinky Todd while her gown was designed and made by Loretta Pierre.

In second place was Miss New Grounds Ishanna Phillips. Phillips was also judged to have performed the best talent. She was also Miss Photogenic.

Third place went to Miss Biabou Kevenique Ellis who also gave the best interview.

Miss Congeniality was Miss Stubbs Zanel Cumberbatch. The other contestants were Miss Lowmans Windward Sabrina Johnson and Miss Diamonds Ronique Cain.

The pageant was part of the Georgetown Carnival package and saw guest performances by Delroy “Fireman” Hooper, Hance John, Ron Pompey, “Cutty Bantan” and others.