Parents call for  reimbursement for stolen items
May 28, 2019

Parents call for reimbursement for stolen items

Parents of some former students of the Intermediate High School (IHS) are calling on that school’s authorities to reimburse them for phones stolen from their children.

Recently, several students sitting CXC/CSEC exams at the IHS reported that their cellular phones had been stolen after they were asked to leave their personal belongings in a classroom provided by the authorities.

The classroom was not locked and after the exam, students discovered that their cellular devices were missing.

They were later informed by principal of the school Elspeth Latchman that the IHS was not responsible for the stolen items as they were warned on numerous occasions to not bring the devices on to the compound.

“They were warned not to bring the devices and we speak about this at assemblies regularly. Letters were sent home, so we did not see it as our responsibility to pay back for the devices that were stolen after all that warning,” said an official of the school, who asked not to be named.

But at least one parent disagrees, saying the school’s management provided the area in which the students’ personal belongings were stored. The parent also added that the classroom remained unlocked during the exam and it seeing that the children are writing exams and have already graduated, the school cannot tell them not to have phones on the compound.