PRESCHOOLER, REMY Boyea is seconds away from showing his classmates how his homemade lava lamp works
May 28, 2019
Happy Days Pre-school grooming future scientists

The Happy Days Preschool is getting its students involved in science at an early age and as a result held its first ever science fair yesterday.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the preschool in Level Gardens, three and four-year-old students were crowded around a table with several science projects on display.

And some of the students were able to explain and demonstrate how their projects worked to their classmates.

“As a class, we did our own experiments with the children,” Deborah Richards, one of the teachers at the school explained.

Richards said the activity was a success so they asked parents to get involved and work on a project at home with their children.

“I think they did an amazing job because it’s our first time doing this science fair and some of the stuff that they did, like the volcano and the lava lamp, and the volcano in a bottle, I think that’s very creative. The parents were very creative with the children,” she said.

The teacher added that “all of the children were excited just to see the volcano exploding and seeing what it was like”.

Richards said this year’s science fair was good and she is hoping that next year’s will be even better.