Earl “Caba” Bennett
May 28, 2019
Cost cutting measures are important to me – Bennett

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Calypsonians Association (SVGCA) always takes into consideration the money it spends.

“We can’t tell corporate St Vincent and the Grenadines that we struggling, and then if we can cut cost, we don’t cut cost,” president of the SVGCA Earl “Caba” Bennett told reporters recently.

He was responding to a question about the decision to send judges to New York (NY) to judge the Dynamites Calypso Tent after it was boasted that SVG is the only country with an overseas calypso tent.

Bennett said that up to 2015, three judges were sent to NY but that changed to five judges when he became president, as the calypsonians said they would feel more comfortable with more judges.

He said only the airfare of the judges is paid as they stay with friends and family when they arrive in NY.

Bennett noted that in the past, it was the norm for the president to travel with the judges, but he does not travel in an effort to save money.

“For the last two years, this president has not travelled… cost cutting measures are important to me,” said Bennett who added that he will once more remain at home this year.