ULP is going to win by a landslide – Luke Browne
Minister of Health Luke Browne
April 9, 2019

ULP is going to win by a landslide – Luke Browne

The Unity Labour Party (ULP) is going to win by a landslide in the next General Elections says Minister of Health Luke Browne.

Browne, the ULP’s East Kingstown candidate made the prediction last Thursday at Heritage Square during the ULP’s 18th anniversary celebratory rally.

“All the Kingstown seats will be coming home in the next General Election, I want to say that teacher Debbie will school the unruly and crude and confused Daniel Cummings in West Kingstown.

Something is really wrong with that gentleman,” said Browne.

The New Democratic Party’s (NDP) Daniel Cummings defeated the ULP’s Debbie Charles in West Kingstown in the 2015 elections.

Browne said that Major St Clair Leacock will lose to the ULP’s candidate in Central Kingstown in the next elections. While the ULP has not officially named a candidate to run in that constituency, accountant Dominic Sutherland is the name being mentioned.

Browne, who was defeated by the NDP’s Arnhim Eustace in the last election, said this time around he will defeat Eustace. “As for East Kingstown, we will be coming home, and we will not be coming home by any narrow margin of victory. We will finish the job we started.

“We had our annual conference in the constituency and our theme was ‘Our time to shine’ and we will shine like a bright star in the next General Election,” predicted Browne.

The politician said that the ULP has come far by faith and the leadership of Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves who is also celebrating 25 years in Parliament and 18 years in Government.

“The Prime Minister transformed the country and changed the course of history by setting us on a path of sustainable development,” said Browne who added that the ULP has reduced poverty,
revolutionized education, improved health care and made air access to the country easier through the Argyle International Airport (AIA).

“Eighteen years is an important milestone in the life of a person, and it is also an important milestone in the life of a political party…,” said Browne who urged persons to continue to work together to do what is best in the interest of country.

Also addressing the rally was the ULP’s Carlos James who was defeated by the NDP’s Roland “Patel” Matthews in 2015. He lost by 12 votes.

James said that in the next election, he will take the North Leeward seat while the ULP will retain the Central Leeward seat as they did with Sir Louis Straker against Benjamin “Ben” Exeter in 2015.

Sir Louis is not expected to contest the next General Elections. A medical student, Orande Brewster, is one of the persons looking to take over from Sir Louis.

James, one of the lawyers involved in the election petitions which were filed by the NDP after the last election said the NDP wasted its time when they filed petitions stating that Sir Louis lost in Central Leeward and the ULP’s Montgomery Daniel lost to Lauron “Shearer” Baptiste in North Windward.

He said that the NDP will be punished once again in these constituencies.

James stressed that the ULP government looks out for young people and the party is filled with young energetic candidates and that is part of the winning formula.