Final spot of ‘Rack it up’ pool tournament filled
March 26, 2019

Final spot of ‘Rack it up’ pool tournament filled

The eight persons who will compete in the finals of the 2019 “Rack it up” Guinness pool competition have been chosen.

The final spot was taken in the wee hours of last Saturday morning by police officer Sigmund Allen who defeated heavy weight Dygo Sergeant in the eighth and final round of the competition.

That round was held in Troumaca at Azard St Hill’s Bar and saw 36 persons coming out to try of the EC$600 and the last spot in the finals.

In what was one of the most entertaining preliminary rounds to date, Sergeant seemed extremely confident, dancing after winning his games.

Allen, calm, cool and collected remained focused throughout his bout with Sergeant and that proved the remedy that took him home safely. Sergeant is one of several players who took part in all eight legs of the competition and he was extremely disappointed that he did not make it to the grand finale.

Commenting after winning, Allen said that he took part in only three preliminary rounds and he was elated to grab the final spot. He said also that he is confident that he can take the EC$6000 prize money on Saturday, April 6 at the Spotlight Stadium in Georgetown.

Expected to compete in the grand finale are Roy Bullock (won at the West Side Bar in Cemetery Hill), Glenrick Edwards (won at Nan-I’s Shop in Pembroke), Tex Franklyn (won at Captain Lano’s in Villa), Edgar “Benji” Bobb (won at the Drop Off Nightclub in San Souci), Alston “Bun-up” Barker (won at the Police Canteen in Kingstown), Jerome Cupid (won at the Skyline Bar in Bequia) and Jahnyiah Gumbs (won at the Cool Corner Bar in Cane End).