November 27, 2018
National Treasures holds review session at it’s 2018 AGM

The organization National Treasures held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on November 20.

The organization reported on the activities occurring since its last AGM held November 2017. The programme started with prayer followed by the National Anthem. Anthony Regisford – director and treasurer gave the Welcome.

The Review & Annual Report 2017 was presented by Carlita Daniel – executive director. Anthony Theobalds, the Chair, gave remarks in a message that looked at major highlights of 2018 and some thoughts for 2019. His major focus was to ask those present to assist the work of the organisation. He said they could start first with the discussion to come later in the meeting on getting youth involved in ‘Vincy’ cultural heritage and second with sharing with the Board information about any funding opportunities. Board member, Sir Errol Allen closed the reports with an update on Board membership.

The discussion on “Vincy Cultural Heritage and Getting the Youth Involved” proved to be very positive and solicited much feedback as the most interactive part of the AGM. Persons present offered several suggestions which the Board indicated would be acted upon. One of the points raised was that the walking tours developed in 2017 could provide an interesting way for youths to learn about the local history of Kingstown. It was noted that as Kingstown was the capital, several elements of its history were things of national impact. The process of the development of the walking tours was identified as suitable for replication in other communities and might be of interest to youths. It was also noted in the discussions that school SBA assignments could be accomplished by use of research into local history which would make for two things: one, documenting the local history and two differentiate work of students so leading to better grades for those students. A concern raised was the impact of “googling” on youths and their expectation that things should be available by that search method. The gathering collectively said we Vincentians have to put our ‘info’ on the ‘net’ for it to be available to be “googled”. This was felt to be part of what youth could and should be doing.

The evening closed with Thanks and Refreshments. National Treasures has committed to holding a workshop on Banana Art in August of 2019 and to assisting the youth of SVG with getting information on to the web. The organisation’s web site is: and the email address is: (The “ts” is for treasure seekers).

National Treasures of St Vincent and the Grenadines Incorporated is a non-profit organisation which was established in 2014 and is managed by a Board of Directors and officers of the company according to the Non-Profit Company By-Laws. The organisation is particularly concerned that the knowledge and oral histories are being lost with the death of older Vincentians, and that the younger generations have not been exposed to many aspects of our cultural heritage, which would, unless some initiatives are taken, eventually disappear.

They identify our mission as a commitment to the procurement, preservation, protection, promotion and dissemination of that which encompasses the intangible history, heritage and culture of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and its people. Thus, they seek to re-awaken or engender, (where necessary), a sense of national pride. They hold that our intangible heritage helps us to understand that which has made us what we are; and make us able to esteem or value ourselves as individuals, a people and as a nation.