November 16, 2018
Plans in motion to make SVG hub of UK youth skills program

The government is working to make St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) the hub for a youth skills training program proposed by the United Kingdom (UK).

Speaking recently at the biennial consultation for heads of missions and consulates, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sir Louis Straker said that during a recent visit to the UK, he was in a discussion with a government official about helping this country fund its Supportive Education and Training (SET) Programme, when the youth skills training programme came up.

He said he told the UK official that this country may have lost its funding for the SET programme because of financial problems in Venezuela and enquired if the UK could fund the programme, but was told no.

Minister Straker said it was then suggested that a youth skills training programme, in which the UK would recruit about 8,000 young people from the Windward Islands, be based here.
He explained that the programme will provide skills training for unemployed youths.

The minister said he is working to make SVG the hub for the programme.