Vinsave writes eulogy on Early Childhood Education pioneer
Millicent Iton (deaceased)
November 9, 2018
Vinsave writes eulogy on Early Childhood Education pioneer

The SVG Save the Children Fund (Vinsave) has paid tribute to its first director on the occasion of her death.

Millicent Iton, a stalwart of Early Childhood Education in St Vincent and the Grenadines and the region passed away on November 3 at the age of 90 years.

“Mrs Iton saw the transition of Vinsave form the British Save the Children Fund, The Canadian Save the Children Fund (Cansave) to what it is today, Vinsave,” a release from Vinsave said.

Iton’s tremendous contribution to Vinsave is marked by the number of lives she touched through Early Childhood Care and Development. The Daycare and Pre-school Centres, the Sponsorship Programmes which assisted numerous families and children, to the establishment of a regional training institution at Vinsave, are all testimonies of her legacy.

Her contribution on the many committees and Board including the Pre-school Services Committee, now the National Council on Early Childhood Education and the Children’s Welfare Fund Committee impacted in positive ways, the development of the Early Childhood Sector and the nation as a whole, the release said.

“Vinsave regards Mrs Iton as pivotal to its development as an Institution which focuses on the development of people, more so children and their family and friends. Vinsave offers condolences to her family on behalf of the Early Childhood Sector,” the release said.

Mrs Iton’s funeral service takes place today at the Kingstown Methodist Church at 2 pm. Burial will be at the Kingstown Cemetery.