KPMG awards scholarship in memory of late employee
Employees of KPMG surround Senior Manager Crystal Wyllie (seventh from left) congratulating scholarship recipient Alexandria Daniel, who stands next to her mom(second from right) Debra Daniel. Minister Montgomery Daniel(fifth from right) holds his daughter Daniella Daniel’s(deceased) son, and stands next to his wife Jaqueline (fourth from right)
October 23, 2018
KPMG awards scholarship in memory of late employee

A student of the Girls’ High School (GHS) has been chosen as the first and only recipient of the Daniella Daniel scholarship, presented to her by the accounting firm KPMG.

In remembrance of their fallen soldier, former KPMG employee, Daniella Daniel, who passed away on July 15, 2017, the firm decided to help someone from Daniella’s former community.

Therefore, after consideration, Alexandria Daniel, a resident of Sandy Bay, was chosen to be the recipient of the five year scholarship.

Partner at KPMG, Brian Glasgow, speaking at the handing over ceremony at KPMG yesterday afternoon, indicated, “The scholarship is for a total of $7,500 over five years, but we understand the challenges of living in Sandy Bay.

We understand that transportation alone is $140 a month, we know that there are expenses like uniforms and, see how smart she looks today…it costs money to make sure that she continues to look as nice as she does today.”

Therefore, to Daniel, and to her mother Debra Daniel, Glasgow promised that the firm would speak to Daniel’s parents intermittently, and, “if there’s a need to increase the amount of scholarship, we are happy to consider that.”

Partner at KPMG, Brian Glasgow

He added that with extra expense such as girl guides, extra lessons or books or the like, “these are things you can approach us for.”

In his capacity as the father of Daniella Daniel, parliamentary representative for North Windward, and Minister of Housing, Montgomery Daniel and his wife Jacqueline were both present at the ceremony.

The Minister held his grandson in his arms, the only child of his only daughter, who passed away due to cardiac arrest as she was being rushed to Trinidad for emergency medical attention. He spoke to Alexandria, saying, “Let me on behalf of the Daniels family extend congratulations to Alexandria for receiving this scholarship from KPMG.”

Further, he addressed, the staff of KPMG and Alexandria as, “Of course I know that there must be a void, not only in our home, but here at KPMG, where Daniella worked a year and a half or so ago, and so with that void has brought to bear this scholarship to Alexandria, where I believe that she would do her best and make her parents proud.”

He continued, “I believe of course, with the support, financial support from KPMG, that that in itself would go a long way in helping to meet the financial requirements, of Alexandria. And so, once again, let me say thanks to KPMG and to all who would have made this financial contribution possible.”

Crystal Wyllie, senior manager at KPMG, presented the scholarship to the young student. “As former alumni of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Girls’ High School feel free to reach out to…any one of us, and we know that you live far, Sandy Bay, and if you are in need of help, any trouble, we are close by, please feel free to send a message,” Wyllie said.

While presenting the envelope, Wyllie stated, “On behalf of KPMG, and in memory of Daniela Daniel we would like to present you with this scholarship, it is for a duration of five years, we hope that you continue to make yourself proud, make your parents proud, and to honour Daniella’s memory.”

She ended, “Don’t look at it as just we are giving you financial assistance, you can count on us for mentorship as well and guidance along your way.”

Debra Daniel spoke on behalf of her daughter, and her family, and thanked KPMG for assisting them with the scholarship. Alexandria also stated that she felt grateful and happy for the scholarship.