October 16, 2018
SVG Auto Sounds Association elects new executive

The newly formed St Vincent and the Grenadines Auto Sounds Association has elected an executive to chart the Association’s way forward.

The elections, which were held on October 2, saw Philmore Williams being elected president; vice president Robert Wallace; Steve Austin and Calvert Walters, public relations officers; Desena Bacchus, secretary; Merwinson Jack and Calvert Walters, treasurers.

“The Association aims to work along with the general public and the authorities to regulate the inconsiderate use of amplified music in private vehicles,” a release from the organization said.

“Another objective of the Association is to market mobile audio as a part of our culture and as a sport which makes it a potential revenue earner for St Vincent and the Grenadines. As the association moves ahead with its plans, the general public will be informed and invited to give some input in the decisions to be made,” the release said.

The executive and the members of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Auto Sound Association look forward to the public’s support.

The Association may be contacted through their Facebook page: or by email: