Police embark on community outreach  programme
September 11, 2018
Police embark on community outreach programme

The north western and south western divisions of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force have embarked on a community outreach programme.

During the programme, members of the divisions will meet and greet members of their communities and at the same time give a listening ear to the concerns and advice of the residents.

The programme seeks to foster a better working and community relationship with residents and is led by the divisional commander of the north western division, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Nigel Butcher and the divisional commander of the south western division, Assistant Superintendent Julia Charles-Browne.

According to ASP Butcher, officers from both divisions made a walk-through the community of Fitz-hughes and attended a church service at the Faith and Life Pentecostal Church in Chateaubelair. Both events were well received by members of the public.

ASP Butcher said that during the month of September, police officers will visit the community of Vermont as well as all the schools in the division. In addition to that, there will be sporting activities during which a police team with compete against a community team in sporting disciplines like cricket, football along with a Karaoke event in Chateaubelair.