Ndp executive to ‘walk for jobs’ and ‘walk against crime’
September 4, 2018
Ndp executive to ‘walk for jobs’ and ‘walk against crime’

The President of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Dr Godwin Friday along with members of Parliament and members of the NDP Executive will “Walk for Jobs” and “Walk against crime” from Fitz Hughes to Kingstown on September 8 and from Georgetown to Kingstown on September 15.

Dr Friday will undertake the walk in an effort to raise awareness about the crime situation in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“The issue of crime and violence, now more than ever, has become a staple of our daily lives….It is apparent that crime and violence is indeed the only constant on the various radio stations and in the print media, leaving no doubt that we are in a crisis.  

“The Vincentian people are questioning the capacity of the security forces to properly address this scourge. People have become so disenchanted with the justice system that some communities have started dispensing vigilante style justice. Added to this the IMF has stated in a report that the unemployment rate among young people here in SVG is at 46%.  This is the same demographic that is heavily represented in the many reports of crime and violence in this country. In all of this the Minister of National security has offered no discernible, acceptable response to this crisis,” the release said.

Dr Friday is inviting persons on the route to come out and show their concern by supporting and encouraging the walkers as they pass through their communities.