August 31, 2018
Police intercept suspected Barbadian hitman

Commissioner of Police Colin John earlier this week revealed that about two weeks ago, a Barbadian man was intercepted after police received credible information that he had come here to do a hit.
“His story was that he came here to buy drugs and we charged him for conspiracy to commit drug trafficking, he went to court and pleaded guilty for that offence,” said the Commissioner during an interview on Boom 106.9 FM, as he gave examples of how the police prevent murders.

Meanwhile, on August 21, former Barbados Defence Force (BDF) soldier Timothy Bancroft pleaded guilty at the Serious Offences Court that between August 4 and 7 in Lowmans Leeward, he agreed to a course of conduct that if carried out, would amount to drug trafficking.

Apparently, early on the morning of August 7, the Special Patrol Unit and the Narcotics Unit of St Vincent were carrying out a joint operation. Acting on information, the police officers went to a guest house in Lowmans where Bancroft was taken into custody.

While being questioned, he apparently stated he was there to collect drugs and take them back to Barbados.

He told Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias it was his first time, and that he had a three-year-old daughter. He disclosed she was living with him and his mother in Barbados and that he had got caught up with bad people.

The chief magistrate commented that he had not given the police any trouble, and had admitted what he was going to do. Browne-Matthias said it was a serious offence, but would impose a fine “that will reflect the gravity of the offence”.

Bancroft was fined EC$4000 forthwith, in default of which he is to spend six months in prison.

In May 2014, then Private Bancroft was dismissed from the BDF and fined the equivalent of two months’ salary. He was “severely reprimanded” by judge Major Christopher Birch in a military trial after being found guilty of stealing a camouflage outfit found in the car he borrowed from another soldier.

He had also pleaded guilty to escaping lawful custody and breaking BDF rules by boarding a public service vehicle at a place other than a bus stop.