Vincentian youth ready for new task as CYC  representative
July 24, 2018
Vincentian youth ready for new task as CYC representative

Vincentian youth, Franz George, wants to inspire young people through his recent elevation to the post of Caribbean and Americas representative for the Commonwealth Youth Council.

George was one of nine members elected in April 2018 to serve a two-year term on the council executive.

In a recent interview with SEARCHLIGHT, he said that he recently completed training in England and is ready to begin working on his various projects.

“I’m excited, ready to work with the people and deliver. I know for sure it’s not going to be an easy role at all, but I really believe that with teamwork… and not just with members of the council, but people who would be on my committees… Teamwork really makes the dream work, and I feel so long as I have SVG behind me, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t be able to accomplish,” said George.

The Vincentian previously worked with the Commonwealth Youth Council as a country representative for St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Lucia and Dominica on the Caribbean and Americas Standing Committee.

Franz George

He explained that it was this experience that propelled him to run for his current position.

George said that he hopes to foster a working relationship with the youth ministry in St Vincent and the Grenadines and the other countries under his portfolio to effect the necessary change.

“I’m actually very excited working with the folks at home, because it’s going to give me an opportunity to do some impactful things in SVG, which is what I’ve been wanting to do for the longest while,” he said.

The Caribbean and Americas representative has a 7-point plan mandate, which includes increasing the presence of the Commonwealth Youth Council in the region, advocating for national youth councils to be established in countries where they do not exist and strengthened in countries where they do, as well as advocating for the improvement of certain youth frameworks.

He also hopes to foster more collaboration between regional youth groups and organizations.

“Over the last couple years, a lot of youth groups have emerged, but quite often you’ll find that everyone is trying to reinvent the wheel, or everyone is trying to do the same thing, but working in isolation. I strongly believe that instead of working separately, we can work together, which will allow us to reach more people, allow us to be more impactful, and also allow us to confirm resources even more,” George told SEARCHLIGHT.

His other mandates include implementing a climate change advocacy programme, as well as implementing an entrepreneurship-mentorship programme. George also plans on creating a social awareness campaign on gender issues.

He said that his plans are specifically geared towards engaging youth in meaningful discussion and activities that have the possibility to create employment and also help them to make an impact within their societies.