RSVGFP to focus on raising child- trafficking awareness at summer programmes
July 17, 2018
RSVGFP to focus on raising child- trafficking awareness at summer programmes

A child-trafficking awareness drive will be a staple part of summer programmes offered by the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force for 2018.

Junior Simmons, the head of the public relations and complaints department announced that the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Unit will launch a 10-minute video entitled ‘I am Little Red’ as part of the various summer programmes being held under the Ministry of National Security.

Simmons said the video was produced by 50 Eggs Films, a production company based in the United States of America and it is narrated by Academy Award nominee, Jessica Chastain.

“This video is geared towards children who are at risk of being trafficked; children such as street children, orphaned children, children who are very vulnerable to becoming victims of human trafficking,” he said. “We are hoping that throughout the summer programmes, that this video will help to sensitize and to educate the children taking part in the several summer programmes about what human trafficking entails, the dangers of human trafficking.”

Constable Garet Dopwell, a representative from the Anti-trafficking in Persons Unit, said that his unit is hoping to sensitize the children using several mediums.

“Every year, about one million students become victims of human trafficking. During this period, children, they are on a break from school and we want to take this opportunity to get the word out about what is human trafficking, child trafficking to them so they would not become victims of this heinous crime,” he said.

The constable also noted that many people travel in the summer time. He warned that human trafficking “can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime.”

Dopwell further warned of persons who may have ulterior motives who befriend an individual which can result in one being exploited.

Summer programmes offered under the Ministry of National Security include the Pan Against Crime programme, Police Youth Club summer camp, the Police Band summer programmes, and the Coast Guard summer programme.

Anyone wishing to have the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Unit be a part of their summer programme may contact the unit via its Facebook page, Anti-Trafficking in Persons Unit, RSVGPF or via its hotline 456 – 1750 or 457 – 1211. The unit can also be contacted at