July 17, 2018
Public express outrage about child in ‘Funky Business’ video

Fimber “Fimba” Jardine’s “Funky Business” continues to make headlines, some good, some not so good.

The latest scrutiny of the song comes as a result of a 29-second video, which has been making the rounds on social media and shows a four-year-old child singing a version of Jardine’s 2018 hit. The video has resulted in public outcry and criticisms being levelled at the child’s parents, mainly her mother.

In the video, which was posted on Facebook, the child is seen drinking something from a plastic cup and singing the chorus of the song, “Mind yo funky business.” It is not clear whether she is saying “Funky” or has replaced “Funky” with an expletive. Some have also said that the child appears intoxicated.

Persons took to social media and chastised the child’s mother, some calling her irresponsible and a bad parent with the consensus being that the child should not have been recorded in this situation or even allowed to sing the song in this manner; far worse, the video posted on social media.

When contacted the mother refused to comment on the situation but admitted recording the video.

She however said she was not the one who posted it.

The mother of three added that the child was not cursing but only singing the lines of the popular song while dancing and having fun. She stressed also that the drink was apple juice.

“Why would I give my child alcohol?” she questioned.

The video has gone viral and continues to attract scores of negative comments, mainly pointed at the child’s parents.

The song “Funky Business” which is the 2018 Road March and the winning Ragga Soca song here has been attracting controversy since it was released earlier this year.

It was removed from the playlist of Star FM, a radio station owned by the Unity Labour Party (ULP), while last weekend, rumours started making the rounds that the song’s “Riddim” resembles one created by a St Kitts based producer and it was used without his permission.

In an interview last week, Jardine told SEARCHLIGHT that the song was inspired by a riddim that was played to him by a colleague, Shernelle ‘Skarypyan’ Williams.