July 6, 2018
Vinsave sends off 19 pre-schoolers

The Vinsave Child Development Centre on June 28, held ‘Send Off 2018’ at its auditorium, for 19 children who will be attending primary schools from September 2018.

The children presented many of the concepts learnt at the centre over the last two years through dance, drama, songs and rhymes all to the delight of their parents.

Guest speaker, Ethny Williams, on the theme “Every Child has a Right to Quality Early Childhood Education-Lay the Foundation Today” reminded parents of their involvement in the lives of their children and the importance of being good role models for them.

Remarks came for the Director of Vinsave, Janice Fraser; the school report was presented by one of the supervisors, Deniese Parris. The auditorium was beautifully decorated by Tellisa Dougan, a parent of one of the children.