July 6, 2018
VINSAVE Child Development Centre wins National Science and Technology Fair award

The Vinsave Child Development Centre made history as an organization in entering the National Science and Technology Fair and achieving the award for ‘Most Outstanding Project in the Open Category’.

The title of the project was ‘Stimulating Activities Enhance the Gross and Fine Motor Skills of Young Children.’

A sample of children between three and four years old was selected and various activities were presented to them over a period of time. Some of these included use of play-dough, threading of beads, lacing cards, stimulation pillows, among others; while their activities were observed.

According to Director, Janice Fraser, the organization hopes to use this study as a means to develop further research in the Early Childhood Sector, to aid in its development.

The project may be viewed at the agency’s model centre at Murray’s Road, Kingstown and would also be used as a teaching tool for students in training at the Vinsave Child Development Centre.