July 6, 2018
Producer of seasonings and pepper sauces lifts her game to meet international standards

Alita Garraway is one proud young woman, now that she is beginning to reap the fruit of her labour.

A producer of various seasonings and pepper sauces, she recently rebranded her products to meet international labelling standards.

Not waiting on standards to be thrust upon her, Alita has always looked for ways and means to improve upon her product, thereby helping to cement St Vincent and the Grenadines and the wider OECS sub-region as producers of quality food products.

“We have changed the wording on our labels to meet international standards. In so doing, we are including nutrition facts, a barcode so the product can be tracked if need be, and an expiry date,” Alita said.

Recently she introduced two new products to her gradually increasing line of products under the brand name Aurora’s: ‘Roasted Garlic Pepper Sauce’, and ‘Roasted Ginger Pepper Sauce’.

She said when considering improvements to her products or the introduction of new ones, she takes into consideration the comments and advice from many persons, along with availability of agricultural products.

“No two persons has the same taste, so if I am to produce seasonings and peppers for the local, regional, and international market, I must give the customers as wide a variety as possible, while maintaining top quality.

“If your quality drops, then not only you suffer, but other local producers, so the pressure is on for me to maintain a high standard all of the time.”

Alita also produces chicken ham, fish ham and pork ham, both bone and boneless, which she says is another