‘I want justice’ says sister of slain vendor
July 6, 2018
‘I want justice’ says sister of slain vendor

The sister of a man who was gunned down on Friday, June 29 at Old Montrose says she would like the killer or killers of her brother brought to justice.

Kamara ‘BK’ Richards, a local vendor who was deported from the United States (US) a few years ago, was shot and killed at about 3 a.m.

His sister Fiona Taylor told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that a few years ago, her brother was charged with murder and spent eight years at Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP).

“I would like justice, I would like to see who responsible locked up because when he ran into trouble he paid, although he didn’t do it for spite, so they should pay too,” Taylor commented while adding that she and her brother were close.

The distraught woman said her brother, who was 33 years old, had no children and was a friendly person who would talk to anyone. The Old Montrose man plied his trade under the ACE gallery on Melville Street.

“When I heard I was shocked. Who could have gunned down my brother so brutally? They kill him like a dog in the street,” commented Taylor.

Photos of Richards began circulating online after the shooting. The photos show his body in a gutter with pants pulled down, buttocks exposed and his shoes on top of him.

Taylor said that someone told her Richards was at a karaoke session in Lowmans Leeward and left after midnight. She said persons heard gunshots in the area, but no one came outside, and Richards’s body was found when the sun came up.

An autopsy report showed that he died from a severe loss of blood caused by four gunshots to his chest, shoulder and belly that destroyed his heart and lungs.

Taylor said her brother wore a lot of jewellery (rings and chains) and the fact that his pants were pulled down and his shoes off, has led her to think that he was robbed. She noted also that his jewellery was missing.

“The police still investigating, no one saw anything,” said Taylor who noted also that her brother had been a vendor for about three years.

He will be laid to rest on Wednesday July 11 at the Roman Catholic Church. Viewing is from 2 p.m. followed by a service at 3.