Security guard knocked  unconscious on his way to work
July 3, 2018
Security guard knocked unconscious on his way to work

A man of Freeland, Mesopotamia is counting his blessings after he was seriously wounded while on his way to work.

Glenroy John, a security guard stationed at the Belair Government School said that on Tuesday, June 12, at around 6.30 pm, he was struck on the back of his head with “a heavy object” after which he fell and blacked out for a while.

He said while on the ground, he saw his assailant kicking away his hat and the bag that contained his lunch while commenting, “You all playing bad man.”

John, speaking from his bed at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) last Wednesday said while this recent attack has landed him in hospital and almost took his life, this is the fifth time he has been brutalized.

“I went to court in 2011, June after they mash up everything in my house; destroy everything but I never get no justice for that,” said John who thinks that the repeated assaults on him are because of a land dispute.

“I was threatened the morning I got hit and when I was going work, I saw the same man who I know, and I continued walking, then I felt a hard lash from behind and drop on my face,” recalled John who added that when he caught himself he heard a female voice say, “Move him from my gate.”

He said that when he was able to move, he went to a neighbour’s house and passed out again after which he was taken to the Evesham Health Centre and later transferred to the MCMH.

John revealed that the lash at the back of his head took about six stitches and he was hit so hard, the blow damaged his eyes. John said he fell on his face and bruised it while his arms were also bruised.

“I want it to go court, but I hoping that it take a different route this time, because about five times I get knock down. I feel they will kill me. I had internal bleeding and the doctor said I could have died,” said John while noting that he is scared because where he lives is lonely and he has no way of defending himself.