Rose Hall Primary School gets new computer
Senator Carlos James (third from left) and headteacher of the Rose Hall Primary School Janice Cyrus (third from right) with graduates of the school on Wednesday.
June 29, 2018
Rose Hall Primary School gets new computer

The Rose Hall Primary School can now boast of improved digital accessibility following the donation of a brand new ASUS desktop computer to the institution.

The donation was made by Senator Carlos James at the school’s graduation ceremony last week.

“I am pleased with the direction this government is taking in terms of the delivery of quality education and I want to ensure that the playing field is level across all educational institutions as it relates to digital accessibility in the delivery of education,” James said.

He noted that the school was selected for the donation based on need.

The government senator noted that with the increased access to technology, schools are better placed to facilitate creative learning by linking ICT with educational development.

“This is a perfect example of using technology to add value to our education system and at the same time bridging the digital divide across educational institutions,” James said.

Head teacher of the Rose Hall Primary School, Janice Cyrus, conveyed her gratitude to James for the timely donation on behalf of the students, teachers and school administration.

“We are honoured that Senator James made this donation and we are looking forward to more donations as we put plans in place for a computer lab at the school,” the headteacher stated.