June 29, 2018
Girls’ High School to defend Junior Pan title Sunday

The Girls’ High School (GHS) steel orchestra will this Sunday try to retain the top spot in the National Junior Panorama school-based band category, while the FLOW Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra will try to do the same in the community-based band category.

Competing against the GHS this year are the South Rivers Methodist School, the Sandy Bay Government School, the Marriaqua Government School, the CW Prescod Primary School, the Bethel High School, the Troumaca Government School and the Union Island Secondary School.

Going up against FLOW Sion Hill are Union Island Combined, Symphonix and Starlift.

President of the Youlou Pan Movement Oneka Morgan said that preparations are going “good so far” and persons can look out for a great show at the Victoria Park on Sunday.

She said that the number of competitors in Junior Panorama has grown from seven last year to 12 this year.

Main sponsors of the competition are the St Vincent Electricity Services (VINLEC), the St Vincent Brewery Limited, the National Insurance Services (NIS) and the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC).

Each competitor will be given an appearance fee of $4000 while the winners will be rewarded with trophies and bragging rights.

The Bethel High School was second last year and Marriaqua Government School third in the school-based category while Starlift and Symphonix were second and third respectively in the community-based category.