Bootcamp-style is it for Island Wide Fitness Gym
June 26, 2018
Bootcamp-style is it for Island Wide Fitness Gym

by Bria King

I stood at the doorway and leaned forward to look inside. The windows on the opposite wall let in rays of sunlight, brightening the large, open space. Punching bags were hanging from the ceiling in one corner while ropes with handles to grip were suspended to the front of the room.

There were step boxes laid out in front of a wall covered in mirrors and different size weights were organised on different areas of the brown mat that took up most of the floor space. But something was missing.

Where was all the other gym equipment? “I’ve really [gone] away from the traditional gym equipment because when you use the traditional gym equipment, you do what we call muscle isolation…by working one specific muscle at the same time,” said Keyon Constance, the owner of Island Wide Fitness Gym.

The Islandwide fitness gym boasts a large open space for exercise classes.

The Island Wide Fitness Gym, which is located in the corner of Sharpe Street, opened its doors on June 1, making it one of newest gyms in Kingstown. And Constance is hoping to bring the excitement of bootcamp-style training into the gym setting so that persons can achieve the results they want by working as many body parts as possible at the same time.

“Why can’t you do a workout that targets your entire body with just one workout?” Constance said, explaining why he opted not to have traditional gym equipment in his gym.

“Say for example, you’re able to flip a tyre. If you can bend down, squat, you’re able to work your legs; you lift that tyre up, you’re able to work your arms; you flip that tyre and you’re able to work your back. That’s three body parts that you’re able to work in one exercise.” Instead of treadmills, exercise bikes and bench press machines, Constance’s gym stocks TRX straps, battle ropes, sledgehammers and large tyres.

A gym member going through the paces using a step box and a weight.

Gym members using kettlebells and step boxes for a full body workout.

The owner, who previously ran a bootcamp under the name of Island Wide Fitness, told SEARCHLIGHT that he felt the need to obtain a space to train persons because his group of clients had grown exponentially over the years.

Constance explained that his group trained at the Victoria Park and on the playing field at Bishop’s College Kingstown, but that it became extremely difficult to training outside, particularly in the rainy season.

At the gym, all training programmes are facilitated by Constance, giving him an opportunity to provide personal training services to his clients in a group setting. He said programmes begin at 5:15 in the morning and run up until the late evening, catering to the various needs and schedules of his clients.

The personal trainer added that he understands the needs of his clients; from the student or parent who doesn’t have the time to work out to the executive, who prefers to work out after leaving work at 6 p.m. One-on-one training sessions are also available. 

“We have weight gain classes as well. So persons who want to gain weight will all get results,” Constance said. “This gym is a results-driven gym. You will get the results. Our slogan is ‘Island Wide Fitness – a place where results are inevitable’.”

And many persons attest to achieving their fitness goals since they started working out with the personal trainer. Aliaka Jones, who began training with Constance in February before he officially opened his gym, told SEARCHLIGHT that she was already down one dress size.

“I’ve been a member of other gyms and fitness groups but I think Keyon’s firmness is just what I needed to remain consistent with my exercise routine,” she said. “Resistance training combined with just enough cardio and the mix of indoor and outdoor training reduces the limitations or boredom I’ve experienced at other places.”

Jones also revealed that she enjoys working out with the sledge hammers and doing tyre flips because it serves as a stress reliever after long work days. Juovanie Roberts, who usually attends one of the afternoon training programmes, said that she was surprised at how different the gym was from what she had experienced before.

She explained that before, she mostly did aerobics when working out and only a little strength training.

“I feel energised because of the extent of the various exercises,” Roberts, who joined the gym when it opened, said.

“This is what I wanted. There’s a feeling of self assurance that comes from improving and pushing myself physically on a daily basis.” Constance said that the overall goal is to achieve lean muscle results rather than the ‘bulky and ripped’ look that is usually associated with working out at a gym. He explained that checks are carried out when persons join the gym to determine the size of their waist, hips, arms and legs as well as their body mass index.

This is so they can track their progress and fitness goals. The Island Wide Fitness Gym has a monthly membership fee of $75 and group rates are also available.