June 22, 2018
Play local music for majority of Vincy Mas – CDC

The Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) is appealing to all promoters, DJs and radio stations to play local music for the majority of Vincy Mas.

CDC’s chairman, Ricardo Adams said this week that as many as 250 songs are produced for the carnival season and he believes that everyone should have a chance to have their music played.

“We don’t want it to be a situation where five songs are the only ones that are played,” he said.

“We’ve spoken to a number of persons and said you know at the end of it, while we understand that you have a responsibility or urge to play your music first, we want you to ensure that everybody gets a play.”

Adams said that it is normal for Vincentians to travel to other countries and want to hear music from Vincentian artistes and so it is only fair that music from other countries be played during Vincy Mas.

But the chairman highlighted that “our primary responsibility is to promote Vincy Mas, promote vincy music and ensure that our artistes get the recognition and get out there because that is how our creative industries are going to benefit St Vincent and the Grenadines.”