Hypa 4000 continues to be ‘Topman’ in music industry
June 22, 2018
Hypa 4000 continues to be ‘Topman’ in music industry

Shane “Hypa 4000” Husbands may be a local superstar, but he still finds time for his family while juggling a busy career.

He considers himself a “Topman”, which is the title of his 2018 hit.

The controversial disc jockey, Soca artiste and radio personality who was crowned Soca Monarch in 2016 and Road March King in 2015 said that this year he has released seven songs, namely, “Bam Bam Dey”, “Jump and a Dip” (a collaboration with Dymez and Pixel), “Topman Certified”, “Lit”, “Jab Jab Party” (a collaboration with Skinny Banton), “World Cup” and “Inside This”. He has one other song to make public.
Topman Certified has taken off and Hypa 4000 is looking forward to taking part in this year’s national Power Soca and Ragga Soca finals.

He will be one of the 50 artistes who will this Saturday compete at “Boarding Pass” for a chance at the national finals which will be held on Saturday July 7.

He said his song “Topman Certified” is not about being arrogant or cocky, but about being on the straight and narrow.

“When we say Topman we ain’t mean nothing show self, we mean don’t be like a waste man and want to sit down home and don’t work, don’t mind your kids, you don’t want to be that kind of man you want to take care of you kids, if mommy still around take care of mommy, your responsibilities that is what a Topman is,” explained Hypa 4000.

He also said that a Topman does not get involved with crime.

In relation to competition, Hypa 4000 said he is always ready.

“The aim is to retain the crown. We have stiffer competition now Skinny Fabulous back in it, but I don’t think that Vincentians over the hump of this Skinny and Fire thing so it back in the air, so man have to try and go in there again and try break that ice,” said Husbands who beat Delroy “Fireman” Hooper in Soca Monarch competition in 2016.

He said that to beat Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle would be a good feeling as Skinny is one of the best Soca artistes in the world, not just in SVG.

Hypa 4000 said when he beat Fireman in 2016, he wasn’t really thinking about the fact that he beat Fireman but that he won the competition.

The Sion Hill resident who first came to national attention for his disc jockeying prowess but successfully moved into the Soca battlefield said he is more popular as an artiste regionally and internationally, but in St Vincent and the Grenadines he will always be known as Vincy’s top DJ.

“Big up the fans, all the people who have been with me from day one,” said the “Snapshot” artiste who revealed that a Topman Video and t-shirt will soon be released.