June 19, 2018
Get your Boarding Pass ready

Come this Saturday June 23, 25 Ragga Soca artistes and 25 in the Power Soca category will take the stage during the Soca Monarch semifinals.

The semi-finals event is dubbed “Boarding Pass” and will be in the form of a cooler fete starting from 8 p.m. on the tarmac of the decommissioned ET Joshua Airport at Arnos Vale.

Taking part in the Ragga Soca semifinals are Shena Collis, Delroy “Fireman” Hooper, Fimber Jardine, the duo of Claydon “Dymes” Roache and Elrico “Pixel’ Hunte, Kamara ‘Keido’ Foster, Shernelle “Skarpyon” Williams, Chewalee Johnson, Jamarie “LPank” Stapleton, Ozarie Matthews, Grantley “Ipa” Constance, Nicki Pierre, Shane “Hypa 4000” Husbands, Denis Bowman, Samantha “Sunshine” Bryant and Nadine “Nadiva” Bryant, Zavique “Casper G” Morris, Kalid “Kaviedes” Walters, Kemuel “Karbon Jamz” Stapleton, Omarion “Marlo” Benn, Shaquille “EssB” Browne, Dewarne “Stumpy D Boss” James, Theron “Twixx” London-Stay, M’riah “Young Siah” Robertson, Johnroy Haywood, St Claire ‘Mitch’ Lewis and Colvillle “Shadylane” Layne.

In the Soca Monarch semifinals are Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle, Shane “Hypa 4000” Husbands, Hance John, Claydon “Dymex” Roache and Elrico “Da Pixel” Hunte, Tracy “Scarbz” Cozier and Kesslon “Sicko” Shallow, Keith “Grabba Finesse’ Charles, Dennis “Vyrus” Samuel, Bradley “Party Dawg” Huggins, Recardo “Recka” Wilson, Kester “Flanka” Chapman, Nicki Pierre, Ryan “Royall” Abraham, Antonio “Small Circle” Edwards, Chewalee Johnson, Johnroy “Mad King” Haywood, Denis Bowman, Leshawn “Big Raf” Lewis, Desron “Wizz LA” Williams, Zavique “Caspa G’ Morris, Joel “Tha Fugitive” Bibby, Theron “Twixx’ London-Stay, Omarion “Marlo” Benn, Kenny “Rust T” Baptiste, Shanel “Delicious” Nanton and Ademola “Verjal” Williams.

Auditions for the semi-finals were held on Tuesday June 12 at Carnival City Victoria Park with close to 100 artistes submitting entries.

Out of the 50 performances on Saturday, 13 Soca artistes will be chosen, down from 15 last year while 12 Ragga Soca artistes will be chosen, up from 10 last year.

The prize money for Ragga Soca has been raised from EC$9,000 to EC$15,000 while the Soca Monarch’s prize money remains at EC$25,000.

Delroy “Fireman” Hooper is the defending Soca king while Hance John will try to retain the Ragga Soca crown. Back in the competition this year is six-time soca monarch Gamal “Skinny” Fabulous” Doyle.