Past papers did it for Krista
June 15, 2018
Past papers did it for Krista

By placing third overall and second among the girls in the 2018 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) examinations, Krista Williams has brought her school back into the national spotlight.

The Troumaca Government School student, who recorded a 94 per cent average, told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday that she is pleased with her performance. The last time the school recorded a top ten performance in the exam was in 2007 when Kemar Simmons placed third among the boys and tenth overall.

“I feel very good. I did not expect to do that well and to place so high,” said Krista, who scored 470 out of a possible 500 marks.

She attributed her success to her parents Edson and Rosemary Williams, other relatives, friends, teachers and her principal Bobzie Joyette.

“They all encouraged me to do my best and to work hard,” said the aspiring Girls’ High School (GHS) student who has not yet decided what will be her career.

“I would like to go to the GHS because the subjects that they teach there give you a better opportunity to choose various careers,” said Krista, who likes to read novels and does not have a favourite subject.

Explaining her recipe for success in the CPEA, the 11-year-old said she used past exam papers as part of her preparations.

“I mostly practised on the previous exams a lot and when I did not do well in an area I would go and study it,” explained Krista.

Principal Joyette said she was excited by Krista’s position and was happy that 22 of her 29 students had recorded passes.

“I was expecting this, and she lived up, “Joyette added. “We had an overall pass rate of 75 per cent and those that failed we do not consider them failures. They were late starters and even though we had an intervention programme they did not quite make it, but they missed the mark by about two per cent in most case.”

She said they were looking forward to great things from the students once they reached secondary school.