Have Fayth and you will succeed
fayth cambridge
June 15, 2018
Have Fayth and you will succeed

“Pray to God, always have faith in God and believe that you will succeed.”

That advice has been sounded by Fayth Cambridge who this year placed fourth for girls and sixth overall in the 2018 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) examinations as a St Mary’s Roman Catholic School (SMRC) student.

Scoring an overall average of 93.80 per cent, Fayth said that apart from praying, she studied hard and tried harder not to get distracted.

The 11-year-old resident of Brighton is the daughter of Gigi Cambridge-DeSouza and Duane English. She thanked her parents, including her stepdad Nyron DeSouza as well as her teachers for assisting her with preparations.

“I think it was the prayers, past papers, lessons and the teachers. The teachers assisted, they all did lessons on mornings and afternoons and that contributed to my success,” said Fayth who will attend the Girls’ High School (GHS) in September.

She said that one of her aims in life is to make her mother proud and she therefore wants to become a cardiologist.

“I just find that profession fascinating,” she commented.

“I am satisfied, and I always expected to do well but it still came as shock. I want to tell students, never doubt yourself because doubt will bring down your self-esteem,” Fayth offered.