June 12, 2018
Massy provides training for staff in leadership roles

The training of workers involved in a job that places much emphasis on customer care is important and Massy Stores has embraced this fact.

The supermarket giant recently held leadership training for supervisors and team leaders through two workshops. The development training workshops were facilitated by Dr Julian Ferdinand and Dr Minerva Glasgow with the sessions held between Tuesday, April 10 and Wednesday, May 30.

The workshops covered several areas aimed at enhancing leadership skills. Dr Ferdinand facilitated the training in communication, conflict resolution, leadership, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, time management, and problem solving (including root cause analysis) while Dr Glasgow shared on meeting and surpassing customer expectations.

Both facilitators are experts in their fields.

Employee Development Officer at Massy Stores (SVG) Limited Alicia Telesford commented that supervisors and team leaders play an important role in the firm’s success.

She stressed that she is confident that this training will assist each team member in improving their effectiveness and efficiency in their respective departments.

“The firm’s strategic goal is to ensure that all of Massy’s valued customers receive quality products and excellent service. It is anticipated that Massy’s investment in staff development initiatives will prove beneficial to all stakeholders,” said Telesford while noting that one of Massy’s core values is to provide ways for employees to grow and continuously improve on the job.