Harvest Bible Chapel’s founding Pastor to visit SVG
June 12, 2018
Harvest Bible Chapel’s founding Pastor to visit SVG

The Harvest Bible Chapel, who won this year’s ‘Best Place To Worship’ in the 2018 Best of SVG People’s Choice Awards will host a series of Summer events titled ‘100% Experience’.

The events will feature Pastor James MacDonald and his wife Kathy and will run concurrently from June 21 to 24
MacDonald, a captivating Bible teacher and renowned author is the founder and Senior Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, which began in 1988 in Chicago. He started the thriving church-planting network which has planted over 170 churches around the world. MacDonald and his wife Kathy would be featured in the following events:

* An Evening with Kathy MacDonald (for Women) – Thursday, June 21at 6:30 pm
* Act Like Men with James MacDonald (for Men) – Friday, June 22 at 7:30 pm
* 100% Sunday with James MacDonald (for everyone) – Sunday, June 24 at 9 am & 11 am.

A release from the church said the events will take place at the Worship Center of Harvest Bible Chapel, Arnos Vale at the stipulated times and are designed to speak to the hearts of all in attendance, and to reinforce our purpose on earth for the Kingdom of God.

Everyone is invited to attend to be a part of the ‘100% Experience’ with Pastor James and Kathy.

“Let God himself be the main attraction at church again, and let us be tireless in our insistence that church is for God, about God, through God and to the glory of His great Son.”- James MacDonald