Search for missing  Medical  complex items comes up empty
Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves (centre) speaking to journalists and other officials outside the new Georgetown Modern Medical Complex
June 8, 2018
Search for missing Medical complex items comes up empty

Search warrants executed in an attempt to recover items that have gone missing from the soon to be opened Modern Medical Complex have come up empty.

The public was first made aware that items had gone missing from the Georgetown facility when Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves spoke about it on radio on May 15.

The Prime Minister had then expressed his disappointment in a report that he had received that chairs from the accident and emergency section as well as sheets, pillows and other small items had been stolen from the complex.

Providing an update on the ongoing investigations last Friday, during a media tour of the facility, the Prime Minister disclosed, “The police executed, I think they made them in the public, six [search] warrants. The items which were missing, they didn’t find.”

He stated that he had been informed by Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Health, Wellness, and the Environment, Cuthbert Knights, that security measures have been strengthened since the incident.

However, he informed, “I have been advised that since I made the announcement, and since the police have done their searches, that there has not been, any more loss of items.”

While saying, “Now we are not casting any aspersions on any group or any set of persons,” he reiterated the feelings of disappointment that he had expressed on the radio.

“The truth is this, …the cost of those things relatively speaking is minimal, … it’s not the cost, it’s really the idea that we build a facility, and we all want it for the entire community, and then you have one or two particularly selfish individuals, who think that they could, well, somehow assist with the disappearance of the odd item here and there. I don’t think the country would have liked that,” he stated.