June 8, 2018
NDP apologizes for portable toilets mishap

The New Democratic Party (NDP) has apologized “unreservedly” for the inconvenience which resulted when the portable toilets used at their convention last Sunday were not removed from the Grieggs Primary School until Tuesday afternoon.

“We had an agreement with a contractor to have the portable lavatories removed; unfortunately, this did not happen, and for this the party takes full responsibility and apologizes unreservedly for the resultant inconvenience,” a release issued Tuesday evening said.

Because of the unbearable stench emanating from the toilets, the head teacher of the school said she sought and received permission from the Ministry of Education to dismiss the pupils and teachers of the school at midday on Tuesday.

Despite apologizing however, the NDP says it is aware of “a malicious attempt by a few supporters of the ULP to bring [the NDP]… into disrepute, by highlighting an unfortunate situation that has since been remedied.”

The release said the convention was “hugely successful” and the community and school hold significant historical significance for the NDP
“Prior to the Convention the NDP power washed the school twice, not just for our event but also to give the school a much-needed face-lift. Similarly, our candidate for the area, Israel Bruce, recently power washed the Greiggs Clinic that was covered with mould. Those are the actions that reveal the true love and care the NDP feels for the Greiggs community and are the kind that one would expect of an area representative,” the release said.

“Unfortunately, at the end of the convention the portable lavatories were not removed from the premises as intended. It is being suggested, by some who should know better, that this lapse to which the early closing of the school on Tuesday was attributed, was intentional. This is far from the truth. There is no political party in SVG that is more concerned about the welfare of our students and teachers than the NDP.”

“…Nevertheless, as soon as this situation was brought to the attention of our leadership, the portable lavatories were removed forthwith,” the release said.

The NDP reminded in the release that last year, several schools closed because of “leaking toilets and roofs under the current incompetent Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration.

“The NDP, meanwhile, continues to be the party with the best interest of our students and teachers at heart,” the release said.