June 1, 2018
CDC raises prize money for Panorama, Ragga Soca

The Carnival Development Corporation (CDC), the governing body of Vincy Mas, has increased the prize money for first place for this year’s Ragga Soca and Panorama competitions.

Chairman of the CDC Ricky Adams said that this year, the YOULOU Pan Movement is celebrating its 40th anniversary and the CDC wants to join the celebration by offering EC$40,000 as the prize money for the winner of Panorama competition which takes place during ‘Steel and Glitter’ on Thursday, July 5. Usually, the winner of Panorama is awarded EC$33,000.

Head of the YOULOU Pan Movement Oneka Morgan said the organisation welcomes the raise.

“It’s good for the anniversary and we are appreciative,” said Morgan.

In relation to the Ragga Soca competition slated for Saturday, July 7, Adams said the prize money for that competition has moved to EC$15,000, up from EC$9,000.

“We think that Ragga Soca music is growing and grabbing attention and we really need to reward [the artistes] for that,” said Adams.

He said the CDC is improving its money generating initiatives by doing among other things, making shows’ tickets available online on “Ticketpal” so that persons may do online purchasing.

“Things are happening, and the more people support Vincy Mas, the more feasible it will be for us to increase prize money for all the components. We are picking at it a little at a time, and hopefully we will get to where we supposed to be,” Adams commented.

Last week, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Calypso Association (SVGCA) Robert ‘Patches’ Knights and Band Leader of Metrocint High Voltage Mas Production Kingsley ‘Whiteman’ Collis called for increases in the prize money for the calypso and various masquerade competitions.vcv