May 25, 2018
Police to host a packed week of activities

The Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force and the Auxiliary Forces will host a Police Week of Activities from Sunday May 27 to Saturday June 2.

Police Week 2018 seeks to display the sporting and academic talents of Police Officers, civilian staff and at the same time, build an esprit de corps within the organization and with members of the general public, a release from the police said.

The theme for the activities is “Harnessing our talents and esprit de corps for effective policing.”The organizing committee is Chaired by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) T Bailey, with Inspector E Richards as deputy.

The other members are Corporal L John, with Inspector J Simmons being the Chair of the sub-committee on the lecture and church service and Sergeant M James, the Chair of the Sub-committee on Sports and Games. Sergeant B Smith is the Chair of the Sub Committee on Public Speaking and Philcol Jeffers is a special advisor to the committee and the Chair of the Sub-committee on Community Outreach. The committee members are Inspector C Craigg, Corporal K Timm and Woman Police Constable Olliver.

On Sunday, May 27, divisional church services will be held, followed by divisional community outreach projects on Monday, May 28. Each Divisional Group will identify a project in their respective division for implementation which can bring about some sort of positive change and visible impact.

There will be a debating competition on Tuesday, with one competitor from each division.

The proposed topic for debate is: “Should marijuana be decriminalized for medicinal and recreational use in SVG”.On Wednesday, a Lecture on Leadership / Management will be held at the Peace Memorial Hall. The lecturer will be Joel Providence, Managing Director of Coreas/Hazells Inc.

Thursday, May 31 will see the finals of the football and cricket competition, followed by the Sports Day on June 1. There will be a night of entertainment on Saturday, June 2.