May 25, 2018
NCW condems sexual assault against children

The National Council of Women (NCW) has condemned all forms of child abuse and sexual violence against children and has called on all relevant authorities to do as much as is in their power and authority to stop these “heinous crimes committed against our babies and children.”

The release issued on Wednesday said the NCW also condemns the act of citizens taking matters into their own hands.

“Let the ambits of the court take its due course. We are not a law within ourselves,” the release said.

Goinig forward, the release called for “child molesters, pedophiles who pass as van drivers, family members, neighbours, friends or otherwise,” to stop destroying defenceless children.

“Teachers be more sensitive and pay great attention to the behavioural change in your students, report any form of physical abuse to the police. The community, parents, guardian, children, we are obligated to protect ourselves and the people around us. We must not abuse and hurt each other,” the release said.

“The executive members, affiliates and friends of the National Council of Women express heartfelt condolences to the parents of the children who were violated and stand in protest against such crimes and seek justice and peace at all times.

“Let the public stand together for it is my child and it is your child. Let us focus on what we as a nation can do to stop child abuse and sexual violence against our children,” the release said.