Workers at the Mt Wynne/Peters Hope site offloading construction materials
May 18, 2018
Work begins at Mt Wynne/Peters Hope on villas and hotel project

Over one year after the hotel and villas project at Mt Wynne/Peters Hope broke ground, minor earthworks are taking place at the site.

On Tuesday, a worker at the proposed project told SEARCHLIGHT that earthworks began about three weeks ago.During a visit to the project on Tuesday, SEARCHLIGHT observed workers offloading steel and wood from a truck, while heavy machinery operators and other construction workers operated on another part of the property.

Investors are hoping to build approximately 160, four and five-bedroom villas, and a 200-room hotel. The initial announcement was 400 rooms in the form of a hotel and about 50 villas.

Pace Development of Toronto is responsible for the construction of the project while the principal investor is Joseph Romano, who is an attorney and partner with Pace Development.

The group paid EC$7 million for the 36 acres of land.  The investors are looking at the possibility of selling the project as a health rehabilitation centre while taking advantage of the black sand beach nearby.

The project’s completion time has been set at five years from the start of construction, but the plan is to begin operation in two and a half years, employing approximately 200 to 300 persons.

A panoramic view of work done on the site