LYF COMPTON of SEARCHLIGHT speaking with students of the Rainbow Unique Nursery and Pre-School
May 10, 2018
Let toddlers choose their own profession

Parents are being encouraged to let their toddlers choose their own profession during career day initiatives, which are usually held at the country’s various primary and pre-schools.

“It does not mean that they are going to be that in the years to come, but let them get the opportunity to make their choice,” says Doris “Aunty Doris” Hope of the Rainbow Unique Nursery and Pre-School in New Montrose.

The school held its annual career day dress-up session last week Thursday, May 3, and Hope, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT during the event, which is held for children who are moving on to primary school, said the parents are sometimes more excited than the children.

“We try to tell the parents as much as possible, no matter what the child says they want to be, whether farmer, fisherman, or whatever, let them choose the career that they would want.
“It is for the child to be happy that they are going to make an honest living doing something that they are passionate about. It is always important to give the child the choice of choosing their career,” stressed Hope, who started career day at the school in 2011.

She said during the sessions, a lot of students want to be doctors, police and nurses, but they try to broaden their horizons.

“Even in the things that we do on a day-to-day basis at school, we try to expose them to everything,” said Hope, who added that over the years, they have brought in farmers and other not so popular professions.

She said that one year, a child dressed as a gardener, with a weed wacker, t-shirt tied around his head, and a bandana and cell phone and he was extremely happy.

“When we see the children go out in that way we are happy, because whatever they are happy about, we are happy with them, once they are about making an honest dollar,” said Hope.

Last Thursday’s session heard from a police officer, an agricultural officer and a media worker, among other professionals.