May 10, 2018
Activities to be held leading up to Fisherman’s Day

Fisherman’s Day will this year be held on Monday, May 21, Whit Monday, but several activities will he held leading up to the big day.

Chairman of the 2018 Fisherman’s Day Committee, Winfield Tannis-Abbott said each fisherfolk cooperative has been allotted one week in the month of activities during which they will host fish nights, blood pressure and sugar checks, a National Insurance Services (NIS) membership drive, a sports day, school competitions and a donation of fish to an institution.

“As chairman of the Fisherman’s Day Committee, I therefore urge Vincentians to support the month of activities. To the fisherfolk and vendors, let us continue to forge robust alliances with the Fisheries Division on the way forward,” Tannis-Abbott told the gathering at the launch ceremony for the month of activities, at the conference room of the Fisheries Division at the Kingstown Fish Market on Lower Bay Street on Friday, April 27.
This year’s Fisherman’s Day activities carries the theme, “From our ridges into the high seas, our nation we feed,” and the slogan “Cleaner Reef, Healthy Fish to Eat.”