SJCK receives gift of piano from New  Kingstown Chorale
April 24, 2018

SJCK receives gift of piano from New Kingstown Chorale


A SHINY PIANO was handed over to the students of St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown last Friday, in hopes that the instrument would strike a chord in the music program.

The New Kingstown Chorale chimed in to the weekly assembly of the school bearing gifts of musical notes and instruments for the students who had gathered to welcome them last Friday.

The over 60-year-old chorale had a story of gratitude to share, in the halls of the space where they had been practicing for years upon years.

Rachel Haslam, the new manager of the Chorale addressing the young crowd, said, “The New Kingstown Chorale has practiced here, we were getting some dates this morning, and we think it’s back to 1997. Suffice it to say, that is before any of you were born.”

She continued, “We have been practicing here on a Tuesday evening, and sometimes on a Thursday…sometimes all weekend.”

A former principal, Sister Maureen Alexander, was the first who had offered the venue to the Chorale, she said.

Extending more thanks, she indicated, “We are also grateful to the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny, and in general to the entire student body of the St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown. I know a time we’ve actually had to wait on students, or throw students out of the room for us to practice, and we’re very appreciative of having this place.”

Haslam thanked the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines, and the fans of the Chorale for allowing the gift to come about.

“From time to time we have concerts, we perform round and about St Vincent, and we’ve been overseas on many occasions, and we would charge for persons to come to our concerts. It is actually part of these funds that we have used to purchase the piano,” she informed.

With a young crowd before her, Haslam invited the students to become part of the junior arm of the choir. “I would like to extend an invitation to anyone who loves singing, once you love to sing, and you’re prepared to learn and to sing properly, by all means get in touch with us,” she implored.

After this the Chorale broke in the piano with a rendition of “The Lord is my Shepherd,” with in-tune voices and an intune piano, as made sure of by Brenton Bailey.

The voices of a choir that is used to using them rang through the hall alongside the playing of Music Director of the choir since 1985, Jeanne Horne.

When they were finished, there was a ready applause by the students, who promised to take care of the piano.(KR)

ACTING PRINCIPAL OF SJCK ANTOINETTE JARDINE (left) accepts piano from Music Director of the New Kingstown Chorale Jeanne Horne