Two receive ECGC university bursaries
April 13, 2017
Two receive ECGC university bursaries

Hannah Hamilton and Kimron Shallow, students at University of West Indies Open Campus are the recipients of bursaries worth $2,000 from the Eastern Caribbean Group of Companies Foundation Inc.

Hamilton is pursuing a Bachelor of Education degree in Education Leadership and Management, while Shallow is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony, head of the Open Campus Deborah Dalrymple explained that most of their students are adult learners who juggle several responsibilities, and have to manage time and their financial resources.

“Many of our students make tremendous sacrifice for the goal of achieving a degree. These bursaries of $2,000 each may very well make the difference between a leave of absence or completing another semester,” she stated.

Dalrymple noted that the ECGC, as corporate citizen, takes it responsibility seriously and recognizes that an investment in education is an investment in the development of the country and its people.

Rachel Haslam, marketing manager of ECGC, said the Foundation is the vehicle through which some the nation’s students’ dreams can be realized.

Haslam stated that a strong dynamic education system is fundamental to strengthening the economy and raising the standard of living. She explained that the Foundation was established in May 2015, with the primary aim of creating and enhancing opportunities for the education and health care of needy children and adults in the communities and to manage all of ECGC’s charitable offerings.

Hamilton, in response, stated that she and Shallow were very appreciative and excited when they were chosen to receive the bursaries.

“By awarding us this bursary, you have lightened our financial burden and our financial generosity has allowed us to be one step closer to our goals while pursuing our quest for higher learning.”

Hamilton said that she is aware they have been given a vote of confidence and with this in mind they endeavour to work very hard to continue to maintain their excellent grades.

The ECGC Foundation has partnered with the Open Campus to provide two bursaries per semester to deserving students.