AUS hosts 12th White Coat Ceremony
January 20, 2017
AUS hosts 12th White Coat Ceremony

The American University of St Vincent School of Medicine held Its 12th White Coat Ceremony on January 13, 2017 and welcomed 13 students into its MD programme.

These budding physicians donned their white coats and they demonstrated a sense of pride and accomplishment as they were officially introduced into the noble profession of medicine.

Representing countries like Ghana, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Nigeria, Zambia, The Republic of Congo, the United States of America and India, the diverse group of medical students accepted the challenges and responsibilities of becoming health care professionals with a commitment to serving others.

Dr Shakel Henson, the dean of Student Affairs and an assistant professor at AUS, urged the students to remain committed to the field of medicine and to serve selflessly. Dr Henson further informed the group of aspiring physicians that medicine “is not merely a job, but rather it is a commitment to individuals, populations and even the country in which you will serve.” The dean of Student Affairs not only encouraged the students to enhance their knowledge and to continue learning, but she also warned the students that the path to success is rugged and winding, but the endpoint may be reached through hard work and dedication.

This need for hard work was further reiterated by the dean of Basic Sciences, Dr Dommalur Jayarangaiah. He specifically outlined some qualities of a great physician and urged the students to be disciplined, dedicated, diligent, empathetic and resilient. Dr Jay emphasized the need for a positive work attitude, professionalism and sincerity and further stressed the importance of acquiring knowledge.

It was a momentous occasion that was witnessed by faculty, staff and management of AUS, family and friends, as well as seasoned students of the institution. This event, held at the NIS building in Kingstown, marked the initial steps of a journey that leads to a noble career. Representing regional as well as international countries, the students beamed with excitement and enthusiasm as they were welcomed into the field of medicine. The occasion, which often symbolizes a significant milestone in the lives of medical students, entailed the cloaking of individuals from various countries. This incoming diverse group of students will further contribute to the cultural mosaic, which is seen at AUS.

The closing remarks were delivered by Pre-Med coordinator and lecturer Kenroy Johnson. He reminded the students that the team at AUS represents a strong support network, which will help to guide them along their path to becoming a medical doctor. He also encouraged these aspiring physicians to remain focused throughout their career.

AUS dean of Basic Sciences, Dr Dommalur Jayarangaiah, and the Campus Operations manager, Syam SL, were pleased with the evening’s event and vowed that AUS White Coat ceremonies in the future are likely to witness even more students entering its Medical programme. New students, enrolled in the Pre-medical programme, were also present at the ceremony. These students hail from countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Nigeria, Ghana, Jamaica, and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

First established in 2012, the American University of St Vincent School of Medicine is a medical school located at New Montrose, St Vincent and the Grenadines. It is locally accredited by the National Accreditation Board of St Vincent and the Grenadines and is recognized by the World Health Organization.