‘Nine Steps’ to be given colourful facelift
January 13, 2017
‘Nine Steps’ to be given colourful facelift

The St Mary’s Roman Catholic School (SMRC) class of 1991 is hoping to embark on a project aimed at uplifting the Rose Place/Bottom Town area.

The project, dubbed “Pot of Gold,” is hoping to see the popular “Nine Steps” painted with the colours of the rainbow and in so doing, give it the effect of a rainbow stretching from the Edinboro main road down into Rose Place.

The idea for the project came from SMRC Class of 1991 group member Calvin Llewellyn, who was born and raised in Rose Place.

Llewellyn said that he got the idea from a friend, who sent him a picture of some steps in the community of Laventille, Trinidad. He said that on seeing the rainbow steps, he immediately thought of the Nine Steps area in the community in which he grew up.

“I see it as a way to uplift the community and give the people in the ghetto hope. It is being done in some areas in Trinidad and the same thing can be done here, beginning in Rose Place and Nine Steps,” said Llewellyn.

He added that the painting will help beautify and transform the area, possibly into a tourist attraction.

He added also that once the paint is bright enough, the effect it creates can be seen from far away, adding to the beauty of the project.

Another group member, Michael Jackson, who was also born and bred in Rose Place, said that transforming the 69 steps is a great way of bringing positivity to the area, which over the years has been seen by many in a negative light.

“This can help uplift the ghetto and give people hope. As the place is called ghetto, it has a bad reputation to some people, so we are trying to uplift the area and show it can be better than what people have it to be,” said Jackson.

Also part of the group is Anthony Cambridge, who noted that the SMRC class of 1991 wants to be just more than a reunion group.

“…We are a group with a difference and this is just one of the projects we hope to do in the New Year,” explained Cambridge, who added that the group will think up other projects that can help uplift the various communities in the country referred to as hot spots.

Group member Lyf Compton explained that the group was founded by Barbadian based Vincentian Camille Walters, who sought out and found persons who graduated from the Roman Catholic School in 1991. The group held a reunion in 2015 and members have stayed in touch ever since, even making a small donation to the Roman Catholic School and honouring three teachers who taught group members.

Compton said that they are hoping to attract support for the Pot of Gold project and will be targeting the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force and a number of businesses in the Rose Place area for help in moving the project forward, once planning permission is given.

Compton said that the group is hoping to do projects in other areas that will give people hope and a sense of pride.

“We are seeing a rise of crime in St Vincent and the Grenadines and certain areas have a certain image attached to them, so we hope that by doing projects of this nature we can help build good community vibes and show the youths that they can do positive things with their time,” said Compton.

The group is calling on anyone who wants to help to come forward, as they are hoping that the project can attract persons from all over the country.

Once the project is approved, the painting of the steps will be coordinated by artist and teacher at the St Vincent Grammar School Ayana Baisden.