Police raid Minors’ property; nothing found
January 10, 2017
Police raid Minors’ property; nothing found

Last Thursday, January 5, around 5:30 a.m., police, armed with a search warrant and high-powered weapons, forced their way into Jason Minors’ house in Carriere.

Nothing illegal was found.

This is the fourth time in about 15 years that lawmen have searched the Minors’ property with the same result, and while Minors is not against the police doing their job, he is confused as to why he has been the target of these intrusions.

And apart from the confusion that the searches have created, Minors says that the last search and the way it was conducted has traumatized his family, including his 10-year-old son, who threw himself on his sister when a policeman pointed a gun at them while they were lying on their bed.

Minors first voiced his discontent on social media site Facebook at 11:15 a.m after the fivehour search of his home and surrounding land.

According to Minors, he no longer owns some of the land which was searched and some has been leased, making the land search illegal, in the irate man’s thinking.

On Friday, during an interview, Minors opined that officers carrying out searches at people’s homes should be mindful of the occupants of the house and therefore follow different rules and procedures when children are involved.

Re-living the experience, he said that at around 5:30, he heard a number of vehicles in his yard and when he looked out, he saw police officers surrounding the house and a number of them kicking his front door.

Minors said that he opened the door and a number of officers rushed into the house and forced him and his wife onto the floor.

“….They went into the children’s bedroom and stick up the kids on their bed; my 10-year-old hug up he sister and telling them is just two ah them alone there…at one point a policeman crank up he gun at the clothes basket, asking who that, thinking somebody in the clothes basket; another one start kick in cupboard doors,” recalled Minors.

“…This is the fourth time; they always coming here saying they looking for guns and narcotics and never find anything. I hoping they keep from my place now”, said Minors.

He said that he has never been arrested for anything illegal, neither has he ever been fingerprinted nor worn handcuffs, so he doesn’t understand what the police officers are looking for.

“About 15 years now I’ve been harassed by them. They did not find anything the last time, even though they stayed about five hours,” said Minors, who noted that they also searched a piece of farm land that is no longer under his control.

“I saw them leaving with a sack of the man ginger; I saw them eat the man grapefruits and coconuts and tangerines,” said Minors, who thinks that the police are getting information from the wrong people.

He said that he is exploring the options he has legally and will attempt to file a formal complaint through a lawyer, but thinks that he is wasting his time.

“To me, everything gone haywire and St Vincent and the Grenadines seem to be only for certain people. I thinking about moving away, because I don’t want my children growing up under them vibes here.

“I used to see the same thing happen with my old man, so I don’t know if is the stigma from my old man they trying to put on me, but also, my old man was never convicted of anything either.

“Is years they always searching me, embarrassing me in town and make people feel I doing something or I’m a dangerous criminal. People up here watching me funny. I don’t even walk out in the village.

“I can’t stand how they pressuring me for no reason,” Minors complained to SEARCHLIGHT.

Minors says that he is hoping that the police never come back to his property